Wednesday, November 11

Out of Town Gift Baskets That Will Wow Your Guests

About a year ago I was introduced to Sarah Tarantino from Woods and Company by a mutual wedding industry friend, and I had to get more information about her unique and creative company. She creates custom out of town gift baskets and gifts that really take the stress off the couple that creating these gift baskets can sometimes cause.

I asked Sarah about the process, and she explained to me that she first likes to meet with the client and find out exactly what they are looking for. She wants to find out what makes this client unique and how they can welcome their guests in a way that will be personal. She thinks it's really important for an event to have meaning, and guests should feel that they are a part of that special meaning.

During that meeting, she also gets to understand what they are looking at for a budget, so she can then take the ideas from the brainstorming session and the budget information and begin to pull ideas and draw up a quote. After that is done, she likes to present a "mock up" to the client to get approval and make any necessary changes. Once it is approved, production on the final product begins!

She then makes all the gifts and either the client can pick them up, or she can deliver them to the client or hotels directly. She delivers for free in San Francisco, and can arrange to deliver to hotels outside that area for an additional charge. One thing that she also really likes to do is to personalize the gifts for the guests, include welcome notes and itineraries, and also provide any tags on the items in the bag. She can work directly with the client to decide on these details.

In case you wanted to know about pricing, generally, the bags range from around $8.00 per bag to $25.00 + per bag, if they have more elaborate contents such as wine or champagne. However, she can work with any budget to make something unique! Those prices include all the meetings, design, materials, production, and delivery within the area.

Check out her website, and let the designing begin!

Happy Planning!

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