Thursday, November 19

Giving Thanks: Making the Simple Things Special

Ever since I was a little girl, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. For anyone that knows me, I love food, especially the comfort food that my Mom prepares on Thanksgiving. But, that wasn't the only reason. It meant taking the time away from the everyday grind to be with family and friends, watching football and eating and enjoying each other for an entire day. Computers aren't on, cell phones are tucked away, and the true meaning of holiday is fully embraced.

When I was 8, my Mom enrolled me in a calligraphy class to 1) try and get me out of the house, and 2) to try and get me to be right handed. Neither worked. I'm a true homebody, and I will forever be a lefty. The great thing though is that one year of calligraphy classes brought me to the career I am in today, and it always gave me the job of making the place cards for Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. I loved it! I would grab stickers, glue, paper and all my best pens and create the dining table scape. I felt so cool, and the funny thing, my Mom actually keeps all the place cards I ever made in a drawer. It is sweet looking back at them, especially remembering people that are no longer with us.

So, the reason for my post was to remember what we are thankful for during this time of the year, and how to make the simple things special. I was inspired by the email blast I received from Paper Source with their super cute letterpressed "I am thankful for:" cards. I have purchased these for my family festivities, and I think it will be a huge hit. We usually eat around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and when dessert is served, we always play games. We are Greek and Italian, so the competitive nature can be a bit much, so before the games this year, I want everyone to read their cards, and we can keep them in a scrapbook to look back on in years to come. Maybe it will keep everyone calm when Pictionary comes out!

The other thing I found that I cannot wait to put together are the Wheat Bundle Place Cards. Um, how cute are these?! I have picked up a bunch of goodies to make the table scape this year, and this will really add to the look of it. I love handmade, and I love it even more when it comes ready to be handmade!Wishing you all a lovely and joyous holiday with your loved ones!

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