Monday, November 9

How To Be The Coolest DIY Bride!

A hot trend with weddings right now is incorporating DIY (do it yourself) projects to add special handmade details to your wedding. Even the not so creative types can get the advice, guidance and supplies they need at your local Paper Source (if you are not near a store, check out their online video tutorials). This shop is a candy land for those that love paper, and all that revolves around paper. Learn how to make your own table numbers with vintage stamps, place cards or even your own invitations, if you dare!

My favorite thing right now is paper garlands and paper flowers being hung whimsically at weddings. Paper Source offers a ton of different paper flower and garland kits that help you make these amazing decor pieces without too much stress on your part. Grab a few bridesmaids and a couple bottles of wine, and you are well on your way to being a DIY bride.

If you live close enough to a store, check out their workshop schedule, and see what is coming up that you would want to sign up for. I highly recommend taking advantage of these workshops, as they are very informative and make the sound of DIY much less scary.

Happy Planning!

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Kristen Skouras said...

Don't forget about your local craft and paper stores too- they can have great sales and advice! Also, beading stores, antique stores, paint stores, and hardware stores can offer some pretty interesting finds!

Kristen Skouras
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