Monday, November 16

Get Your Tan On... Properly

So many brides (and women in general) like to have a nice tan to look better, but not suffer from any damaging rays from the sun or a tanning bed. The next best options became the Mystic Tan. This is nice, but tends to come out streaky or uneven. I have seen many a bride on their wedding day with bright orange feet, and a bright white neck. Another great thing is they over the option of tan line correcting, which is great for brides that have a strapless or thin strap dress with those tan lines still leftover from your bachelorette party in Vegas.

The better option? To have a custom spray tan in your own home. Yes, Brown Bunz Mobile Tanning will come to you, set up shop (while you get to sip champagne), and in the end you will look like you've been on the beaches in Costa Rica. They can even take last minute appointments, so check them out today at

Happy Planning!

Here is a before and after:

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