Monday, October 5

Wedding Firsts

I have had quite a few "wedding firsts" this year, (maybe I will share those in an end of the season wrap up post, as there are some doozies!) and this weekend surely added another one. While enjoying dancing and good times near the end of the wedding on Saturday night at the Legion of Honor, all of a sudden the smoke from the djay's fog machine set off the fire alarm at the museum, and we were all forced to evacuate. It actually turned out to be a great photo op, and the photographer, F. C. Wong, didn't hesitate in getting some great shots. I will be sharing many more images from this amazing wedding, but this one was a classic shot in front of the fire truck outside. The couple totally took it in stride, and were such a blast to work with, I will miss them!

Oh, and btw, that is not the groom she is shoving away in the photo!

Happy Planning!

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Catherine Hall said...

I can imagine how hectic that must have been! Good thing there wasn't really a fire.