Monday, October 26

Holiday and wedding shopping - all in one stop!

When Halloween rolls around, it is usually my signal to start looking online and in catalogs for places to find unique gifts for my friends, family and vendors. Last year I came across a catalog in my mailbox called Uncommon Goods. I was thinking, okay, here's another random catalog that I just need to recycle. After I opened it up, and checked out what they had, I ended up purchasing five different Christmas gifts from them, and I couldn't have been happier with the reactions of the recipients! The great thing were these were items that no one had seen before, and wasn't something you would find at your local mall.

The great thing too is that they have some great wedding gifts, and also things that can be used at the wedding itself, such as the Wishing Wall Frame or the Handmade Copper Guest Book. They now offer a gift registry, which is a nice way to get some eco-friendly gifts like your own Kitchen Composter or the Eco Picnic Basket.There is so much to explore on this site, and I have already knocked off about half of my Christmas gift list just this morning. That feels good!

Happy Planning!

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