Friday, October 23

And that's a wrap!

Well, the 2009 wedding season is coming to an end tomorrow with our last wedding of this wild and crazy season. I will actually be a guest at the wedding tomorrow, with Brittani and Mia running the show. It feels good to be able to spend some more time at home, you know, opening the piles of mail, cleaning the bathrooms and organizing my closet that has been neglected since May. But, there is a part of me that truly misses our couples when the season ends. The email box isn't as full, my cell phone isn't getting all the funny texts and phone calls, and there is just a sense of happiness mixed with sadness. When you work with clients throughout the time spans that we do, and you go through the ups and downs that they are going through, it really creates a bond that sometimes ends so abrubtly. I sometimes feel like Jane Fonda in Monster in Law at the end when the happy couple is being whisked away in their limo, as she is standing there sad.

Don't get me wrong, I keep in touch with many past clients, go to their baby showers or even go and grab coffee together. Sometimes though, I just want to wake up in the morning and have that crazed email that came in at 1:15am wondering who will be taking their dog to the wedding. We had so many extremely grateful and wonderful couples this year that I am just feeling beyond blessed to have worked with them all and was able to create so many beautiful wedding celebrations for them!

Okay, enough of my trip down memory lane of the year. There were some very funny, crazy and awkward things that happened this year, and while I have never done this, I thought it would be fun to share some of the moments that we had this year and things I learned along the way:

* I got to plan a wedding with a couple that lived in South Africa, and most of the planning was with their parents. It was one of the smoothest planning experiences I have ever had!

* We had a wedding where the djay's smoke machine set off the fire alarm, and all were forced to evacuate. It was freezing outside, but luckily the fire dept cleared us quickly and we were allowed back in.

* I truly learned what the definition of "kosher" is.

* I had two weekends where we did back to back weddings. It is our rule not to, but things happened. I do not recommend it!

* We had a cake that had to be held up by a catering staff member because it started to sink backwards.

* I had a wedding where the limo driver didn't show. When I asked him where he was, he said he was at a bar in the Mission. Awesome!

* A guest at a wedding cursed me out because there was no cake.

* I saw two female guests get in a fight over how many favors each one took.

* I ran interference on many situations that I will not discuss, but definitely tested my patience and brought to use my Psychology classes from back in college.

* I worked a wedding while suffering from food poisoning, and no one was the wiser.

* I got to work a wedding at my very own tiny little Greek Orthodox church in Marin. There were 22 in the bridal party!

I'm sure there are more, and some that I simply can't discuss on a public forum, but I had such a great season, and I'm really looking forward to 2010. We have one more wedding in 2009 on New Year's Eve which will be a beauty. We still have many more real weddings to share from 2009, and more exciting news about the upcoming bridal tour in January. Plus, with my sister's very recent engagement, I'm sure I will be busy helping her plan her destination wedding as well! You will also be hearing more from our associate Brittani in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for all that is to come and thanks for following our blog.

Happy Planning!

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