Friday, June 5

Cornerstone Gardens Party | June 2

Photo by Michelle Walker

Brittani and I got to attend a great event this past Tuesday night at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. It was a country themed party, and they really did a great job getting everyone involved in the fun and doing a little "do si do'ing." There were small plates provided by Sage Catering, cake bites by Inticing Creations and rentals by Classic Party Rentals. It was nice to see the new look of Cornerstone, and mingle with fellow wedding and event planners. We had a great time, and I even learned how to line dance. For those who know me, that is a hard feat considering I'm not a country girl at all. Here are some photos:

Cake and Gift Bags

Lounge Seating

MB and Duncan - "Do Si Do with your partner"
Me and my very brave boyfriend - "Now bow to your partner"

We had a really fun time! Cornerstone is a great spot for private events and weddings, as you get use of multiple areas to create different vignettes for the different stages of your event. Even if you are just traveling through the wine country, definitely check them out, there is a lot of fun things to see, and now Sage has a cafe there.

Happy Planning!

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