Saturday, August 23

What NOT to wear to a wedding

While enjoying a rare Saturday off, I thought I would add a new post to my blog about something that has become somewhat of a trend: dressing horribly inappropriate at weddings. After personally attending five weddings this year, and working 19, I have come to the realization that some people really need some help in the "what not to wear to a wedding" department.

Some of these may seem obvious to most, but I'm not just talking about a female guest wearing white or a male guest wearing a shirt and tie when the protocol called for black tie. I'm talking about absolutely outrageous outfits that you wouldn't even expect to see at the Playboy Mansion. I have photos, but I'm choosing not to post them here to not get in any trouble on that front, but trust me, there have been outfits that actually have offended the bride and groom so much, that I actually had the horrible task of asking one guest to go home and change. Yikes!

So, in order to hopefully educate some future wedding guests, please take these tips when you're perusing your closet before attending a wedding. It will save you from much embarrassment and possible incriminating photos of you being posted all over Facebook, and the main reason, to not make your friends or family upset. As I always say, it's better to be overdressed than under dressed.

1. No White It seems obvious and yet so many guests seem to forget. Material that is mostly white with a small pattern is a no. White suits are a no. If there's a White garb is meant for one person only and that's the bride! Always.

2. Skip the Shorts and Flip Flops Don't do it. I don't even care if it's a beach wedding and the attire says "casual". Even if you try to dress them up with a blazer or a pair of sexy heels (which I don't recommend anytime). Guys, you too, I've seen it at a black tie optional wedding in the wine country. No joke!

3. Show Your Class Tiny miniskirts, low cut shirts and bustier tops are best left for a night out with the girls. Even if you are the sexiest woman in America, but they just don't know it yet, please refrain. Another side note in this category is to make sure your outfit fits. If I had a nickel for every wardrobe malfunction I've seen during "Y.M.C.A".

4. No Guest Should Wear Tails If it's a black tie wedding, men are going to be renting a tux or digging one out of storage. A classic or modern-cut style is the best bet. Stay away from extra frills like tails, ruffles, loud colors, or satins. Even if you plan to be the funny man in a powder blue '70s number, refrain. All attention should not be on you.

5. All That Glitters Is Not Gold Stay away from anything lamé, sequined, shiny, or glittery. It's distracting (both in person and in the photos).

6. Lose The Leather Enough said.

7. Mad Hatters Whether you wear a baseball cap to show your allegiance to your favorite team, disguise thinning hair, or hide a bad hair day, a wedding is the last place to don one. Some ladies choose to wear their large Kentucky Derby hats, which for an outdoor hot Georgia wedding is okay, but an indoor San Francisco drizzly evening wedding looks completely out of place.

8. Give The Wild West A Rest Bandanas, cowboy boots, and ten-gallon hats all make it onto the list of what not to wear. Unless the betrothed couple has planned a themed bash and requests that guests get decked out in ranch gear, save these goodies for another day.

9. Dress to the Nines Don't be too cool to don your finest duds. Honor the couple's union by leaving your jeans at home -- even the really really nice ones! Unless the invitation mentions a beach barbecue or luau, forgo the casual fare and plan on turning it up. It's a wedding after all!

Happy Planning and watch for our announcement next week regarding our exciting San Francisco bridal tour exclusively for the first 20 brides that sign up! It's going to be a fabulous day with lots of cool surprises and fun for all that attend.


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