Tuesday, August 19

Question of the month

So, I have received a few questions recently, and the one that always comes up is the who do I tip, and how much do I tip? That is why I chose this question as the question of the week. It is a very common question, and one that I answer cautiously, as tipping isn't necessary, but it is always appreciated. There are many ways to show your appreciation to a certain vendor, whether it's a gift of money, gift certificate or just a simple thank you card. If you are looking to tip certain vendors monetarily, here is a guideline that I picked compiled from a few sources, and seems to work pretty well:

Officiant - $100
Musicians - $25-$30 each
Hair/Makeup Artist – 20%
Limo – 15-20% (please always check your contract, many include this already)
Photographer – if not the owner of the business about $100-$150
Photographer’s assistant - $50-$100
Videographer – if not the owner of the business about $50-$100
Videographer’s assistant - $30-$60
Caterers – 15-20% to the servers (again, check the contract, this is sometimes included)
Djay - $50-$150 (depending on the amount of hours)
Florist – Usually a tip of about $25 per assistant
Planner – Usually a tip of about $50-$100 per assistant
Delivery personnel – Usually not expected, but if you were, about $10-$15/each

Happy Planning!

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