Friday, August 1

Help, I'm blogging!

Yes, I have finally decided to cross over into the world of blogging. Many colleagues and friends have coaxed me into it, and I'm going to give it a try... why not?

What I'm hoping to accomplish with my blog is to let clients get to know me a little better, offer some tips and advice to anyone reading the blog, give updates about upcoming special events and to post great photos of some of our weddings and events.

So, to start, we are at about midway through the 2008 wedding season, and we have had the chance to work with some amazing couples this year already, and we are looking forward to the weddings coming up as well. I hope to post some photos from some very recent weddings shortly, as they all have been beautiful and special in their own way.

Tomorrow, most of the Dream a Little Dream Events staff will be either working or attending our very own coordinator Vanessa's wedding in Mill Valley. I'm very excited for this event not only because she is my assistant, but because she has become a close friend, and is marrying one of my very close friends. It's going to be a large wedding with lots of family and friends, so it will be a great time being on the "guest" side of this wedding.

On a personal note, I have had a pretty tough 2008 thus far, and I'm hoping that the second half proves to be on the upward swing. To help with that,I recently had about 5 inches of my hair chopped off, and I'm feeling very cleansed. Or maybe it was the massage I had at Stellar Spa this week. Well, whatever it was, I'm looking forward and not back.

If you do have any wedding or event planning questions you want to submit for my weekly "Ask a Planner" section of my blog, please email them to

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, and happy planning!


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