Sunday, August 3

One of our own gets married!

I was so happy to be able to attend the wedding of one of my assistants, Vanessa, and my friend KC yesterday in Mill Valley. I didn't have to work it, I instead got to be on the other side as a guest, which is hard! But, we were in the hands of two of my other assistants, Noreen and Candace, and they did a great job with the 250 guests, and a very rare hot day in Mill Valley. It was really nice getting to catch up with all of our old friends, as KC met Vanessa at my mother's 60th birthday party over two and a half years ago. Vanessa actually met me that night to talk about possibly working weddings with me, and soon after that, she met my friend KC, and the rest is history. Here is a photo of them during the ceremony (please excuse my photos, I'm not a photographer by any means!).

Being a guest is a nice change of pace, and the day flowed perfectly. Some things I noted were if you're considering a photo booth, just do it. Not only did it provide KC & Vanessa with an amazing guest book, it was really fun getting in the booth with all of our friends, and getting goofy photos that we could keep. It was packed the entire night! They also had a candy bar, which I also highly recommend. It was nice to have a little snack for the ride home. Karen Chang Burling from Huckleberry Karen Designs did a lovely job on the flowers (Karen was one of my past clients, she is such a creative person), and complimented the color palette perfectly.

Remember to email me your questions about ANYTHING regarding weddings, events, planning, etiquette, and I'll pick two per week to answer on the blog.

Happy Planning!


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