Tuesday, July 20

A Fun Day Off

Last week I was able to enjoy a day off with some fun wedding industry friends on Treasure Island being an extra in the new Train music video.  Most would wonder how I would end up there, but when one of my best friends, Michelle from MB Wedding Designs called and said she needed extras for a wedding scene in a video, we were there without hesitation.  It was a lot different to see things from a filming side (except how long everything took!), and be able to help them create a realistic wedding ceremony scene for the new video.

Here are a couple photos that Gustavo Fernandez took, and even though I probably am not visible in the scenes, I still had a good time!  Watch for the video though, as the dress worn by the bride was from Haute Bride, one of our favorite places in San Francisco for bridal gowns and accessories.

Happy Planning!

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