Monday, July 26

Design Studio & 6th Anniversary Party | July 8

A few weeks ago, the Dream A Little Dream Events staff all came together to celebrate not only our 6th anniversary, but also the opening of our new design studio!  The girls all loved seeing it, and we had a great night chatting about our past and upcoming weddings.  Some of our day of assistants never get to see each other, as they work different events with Michelle, Brittani and I, so it was nice for everyone to make connections.  We even had support from Andrew Weeks, our suite mate, and his wife and son, my boyfriend and son, and Michelle's husband.

We have such an incredible team, and I feel truly blessed to have a staff that cares as much for my business as I do!  Below are some photos taken by me, so I apologize for them not being up to par, but wanted to share them anyway.  Enjoy!

Happy Planning!


Joel said...

Congrats on 6 yrs! Can't wait to see the new place.

Dream A Little Dream Events said...

Thanks Joel! Hoping you will be in soon to check out the new little studio.