Thursday, June 17

A Wedding on a Tuesday?

This is what most people asked me when I mentioned that I had a wedding on a Tuesday night this month. I repeatedly had to explain that the cost savings of a weeknight wedding, or off season wedding, can be one of the biggest ways to trim a budget. So, last night, along with 80 happy guests, my clients had their wedding on the Sky Terrace at Medjool in San Francisco's Mission District. It was a gorgeous and clear San Francisco night, and they had the wedding that they always wanted without the price tag. Below is a photo taken with my phone.

I only heard great things from all the guests about how amazing everything was from the views to the food, and none of them even mentioned it being a Tuesday night. I honestly don't even think anyone was aware it was a Tuesday night, since most stayed until after 11pm dancing under the stars. As I tell many of my clients getting married on off days, your friends and family love you, and no matter what day it is, they will be there.

So, if you are a couple out there that is feeling overwhelmed by the price of the wedding you want versus the budget you have, you may want to consider other options like off days. The cost saving is very significant for weeknights, and some discounts are given for Friday or Sunday weddings as well.

I'd love to hear from couples that have/had chosen an off day for their wedding, and the positives and negatives that you faced!

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