Friday, May 7

Staff Appreciation Party | May 2

About twice a year, I like to plan an outing for my staff to show them all how much I appreciate their hard work and dedication to me and my business. We have done everything from pedicure parties and brunch to cocktails and facials. I have been truly blessed with the employees I have had through the years, and couldn't ask for a better group to have working for my company! These girls work very long hours on wedding and event days, and take care of a lot of things behind the scenes. They are a crucial part of running a successful event.

I value these ladies more than I can even say in words, so for our party this season, I took ten of them, plus my mother and grandmother to the local horse race track. We had reserved tables in the turf club, and even had a race named after us. We toasted to our team with some champagne, I handed the girls a personal note from me with some fun money, and we were off and betting! There were many laughs throughout the day, including when we got to watch "our" race from the winner's circle and meet the winning jockey. Let's just say he took a liking to one our our lovely ladies!

We also were accompanied by Adi Nevo who took all the great photos. Enjoy a look into our day of celebration!

Happy Planning!

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