Monday, March 15

Giveaway | Simple Stunning Wedding Organizer

We are just hitting the start of what is proving to be a big wedding season. We have March brides scrambling with their last minute details, while we are completing timelines, vendor confirmations and room diagrams. There is a lot going on during those last few weeks, and I know that some brides don't have planners out there, so we are running a contest for a Simple Stunning Wedding Organizer by Karen Bussen! Even if you have a planner, this is a great tool to keep you organized through the planning process.

To enter, leave a comment with your most stressful wedding moment, detail or crisis you have dealt with with your email address, and we will randomly be picking a winner on Thursday March 18th.

Happy Planning!


Sharon said...

Our wedding isn't until next year, but the most stressful moment so far has been debating the guest list. We're looking for a more intimate event, but both have big families.

Ginger said...

I've been engaged for 3 months now and the entire process has been stressful!!! Budget issues, family members pregnancies, where to have the wedding b/c we live across the country from our families....jeez...we just set a date though and I found my dress so life is getting better! I need a planner though :)

cubes & Eden said...

Our wedding is this October. Oddly enough the most stressful moment was trying to find a date for the wedding. We have tons of friends and family members getting married this year that it was hard to find a date that didn't conflict.


Adenna said...

WOW! What isn't stressful about planning a wedding?

Being 23 and just out of college we are the first of our friends to be getting married. Both of us were involved in Greek Organizations and our circles of friends are very large. To keep costs down were trying to have our wedding around 130. Which has lead to "hurting" our friends feelings. We have gotten text messengers from friends asking what the date is or even if they are in our BRIDAL party! But we didn't even plan on inviting them!

Also, we are living in Idaho and getting married in Monterey, CA that adds to some stress with finding a location. While doing phone interviews I found out quickly the pain in trying to find a venue. I had one venue almost all ready to go and they informed me of a "Saturday night minimum" of 20K which was way over our budget.

We now have the location set, but I am still worried about sending out those save the dates and offending someone by not inviting them.

Dream A Little Dream Events said...
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