Tuesday, March 30

2010 Is Off To a Great Start!

While our blog posts have slowed down, the work that is going on at the studio definitely has not! In the three months of 2010 so far, we have planned and coordinated five weddings, put on a San Francisco Bridal Tour and are putting together plans for our upcoming 2010 and 2011 weddings. It has been a busy start, but is certainly welcome, as we love the amount of happy clients we get to send off into their new life together every year.

I do have to point out though that we have been EXTREMELY lucky with the weather this year. It has been a very heavy rain season here in the bay area, and having four outdoor or semi-outdoor weddings in March was tricky. We always had our Plan B as well as a Plan C in case of inclement weather, but as most would imagine, these are rarely the preferred plans. We were lucky to not have to use any of them in and and ended up with amazing weather for our clients.

I do have to mention though, while watching a television special a few weeks ago, I was less than amused that the bride and groom were drenched by the end of their wedding ceremony. I have heard many things about this situation, such as the producers insisted on no back up plan, or that they did it for the drama. Either way, you simply don't put clients or guests in that type of situation. A simple change would have been to switch out the fabric ottomans that were used, so at least they could be dried off. Instead, they were left out there, and the guests had to sit on plastic

The umbrellas are great, but how about having two people hold them for the bride and groom? There were simple things that could have been done to partially remedy the situation, and I'm sure there were things that the planner could not do because of television restrictions, but I still think that this couple was unfortunately left out in the cold, literally.

Trust me, we have been forced to make a last minute decision before, and while the weather reports might say it will clear by the ceremony time, it is always hard to tell for sure. I have made some very iffy calls before, and luckily they worked out, but this is something that even if you know it could rain, come prepared. Have your coordinator bring towels to wipe down all chairs before the guests sit down. Have a large golf umbrella up near the alter, so if a downpour starts, the couple can take some cover and the officiant can hold it. Have your coordinator bring umbrellas or have them pre-ordered, and you can return them if they are not used after the wedding. If you have it in the budget, have a simple clear top tent on order. This usually requires a non-refundable deposit, but if you are looking to get married in somewhat rainy months, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We will be posting photos soon from our recent weddings, as we have worked with some great photographers recently. Here is a very bad quality photo taken with my phone from my March 20th wedding that was at Hotel Vitale and included the couples dogs. One of the pups decided the brides dress was her favorite spot!

Happy Planning!

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