Sunday, February 14

Giveaway | Bridal Tour Gift Bag & Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! With my job, every day is Valentine's Day, but to truly celebrate the person (or people) that you love is a great tradition. It should not to be masked or thought upon negatively by the overload of cards and chocolates that are in the stores, but leave you to be inspired to celebrate the way you feel appropriate.

I wrote a post on this last year, and this year, I'm celebrating with a lovely brunch this morning with both my boyfriend and son, the two biggest loves in my life, before spending the day with them. How do you plan on spending your day? We will draw one winner at random from the comments left on this post to win the gift bag that was collected on our last bridal tour! This bag has offers and gifts worth over $4500, so make your comment and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Happy Planning!


ABridges said...

My hubby and I are spending our day cooking a fabulous dinner and dessert and then watching a movie in bed. Very relaxing and inexpensive during this economy! :)

Amy Bridges

Kenya F. said...

This is an exciting giveaway! We got engaged a couple of months ago & decided that we would keep this Valentine's Day nice, sweet & simple. My fiance gave me a lovely card with a cute little note in it & made me a lovely 3 course candlelight dinner & we watched Platinum Wedding. Simple but yet sweet! Can't wait for 2011 to spend Valentines as husband & wife. :)

Minerva said...

I spent the day with my fiance. We drove up to CT and spent the day with my niece and her infant son. Then we drove home and enjoyed a quiet night on the couch, curled up with a movie. So relaxing!

Ginger said...

I had a great Valentine's Day! It started with a dozen roses and a card....I cooked a BIG breakfast, went dress shopping, then we went and played softball with some friends. It was a wonderful relaxing day! Hope everyone else had a great one!

miiziana said...

A relaxing Valentine's Day well-spent with delicious take-out and watching The Ugly Truth! It didn't hurt, either, to have chocolate to munch on throughout the day! :)

Dream A Little Dream Events said...

Wow, I loved hearing all these creative ways to spend your Valentine's Day! I had a wonderful day as well, and we capped off our day by making a lovely dinner at home, lit a fire, had my favorite champagne and watched all the shows we needed to catch up on the DVR.

I put all the names in a hat, and Ginger won! Congratulations, and I will be emailing you to get your address to send your gift bag.

To everyone else, thanks for participating, and I will be offering many more giveaway's this year, so stay tuned.

Happy Planning!