Thursday, February 25

All About Flowers!

When it comes to selecting your wedding flowers, there is a lot to think about. Using flowers that are in season is always great to give you the freshest and most vibrant flowers. But, how are you supposed to know what flowers are in season when there are so many to choose from? That is where your florist and coordinator step in to create the vision that you have with the flowers and colors you like, all while staying within your budget.

There are a lot of things you can bring with you when you go to meet with your florist that will help them see what your vision is clearly. Here is a list of helpful aids for you to bring to your initial meeting:

- Cut, print and gather. When discussing your color scheme, style and ideas, bring photos or image collages you have put together. Be it printed from websites you like, tears from magazines or a favorite piece of art that has inspired you, everything is helpful.

- Tell you florist your favorite and least favorite flowers. Even if you only have a few to mention, or don't know the names of them, the florist can name them for you and help get a sense of your style. Florists are artists. If you give them the direction, they can take it from there and create a beautiful proposal with your planner that will fit your style.

Image by Janae Shields

- Bring swatches! If you have selected your bridesmaid gowns, or have color samples of the palette you would like to aim for, bring them. It is really helpful to have on hand, and the florist can then match the ribbon colors to the bridesmaid gowns. You may not have these at your initial meeting, but it is something you should provide them with at least a month before your wedding.

- Be honest about your budget. The worst thing is to go in without one, and then you realize all your visions cost over $10,000. If that is your budget, that is fine, but for many it is not, and if your florist knows this from the start they can provide the best possible direction for you.

- Recycle. Many of your ceremony arrangements or bridesmaid bouquets can be re-used in the wedding reception. Make sure this is discussed with your florist at your meeting, as they will have the best ideas and the most realistic way to implement that. Also check if you are purchasing your containers. If you are, which we recommend, you can either send them home with guests, or re-use them the next day at your day after brunch. Make sure your coordinator knows, as they will set aside the ones that need to be used the next day, and have a space where guests can pick them up on their way out.

- If you don't have a planner, create a simple inspiration board. You can do this by going online and pasting pictures into a document that you can then email and bring to all your design related meetings. You can also create one online at Style Me Pretty's Style Circle.

Remember, you are not expected to know every flower that is out there. You know what you like and do not like, and with the above tools you will be well on your way to a great meeting and an amazing design palette!



Christina said...

Great ideas!! I'll be sure to do that for my first meeting today. :-)

Savage Rose said...

As a floral designer I appreciate your post, and that you have such good advice for all Brides. Thanks!

Natasha Miller said...

Beautiful! And did you see I added your blog to my blog roll? Yay!