Friday, September 18

Bridal Tour This Sunday!

We have been busy little bees at our studio this week; cleaning, prepping, filling giveaway bags and going over final scheduling with all the vendors for this Sunday's bridal tour. We are really excited to meet the group of brides (and a groom this time!) who are coming with us on our fast and furious tour through San Francisco and meeting with 14 vendors. We have a wonderful group of hand picked vendors for this tour, and we know the participants will be excited for all they get to taste, touch and learn! It is going to be a hot one too, so it should be a really nice day for all.

Plans are being already made for the next tour set to take place in late January/early February. If you are interested in being on the list for the fourth bridal tour, please email to be placed on our list for priority ticket alerts and information.

Have a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to posting more recent weddings and events (including the bridal tour) in the next two weeks.

Happy Planning!

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