Sunday, August 16

Honoring Loved Ones

I have had many clients ask me in the past, what is the best way to honor a loved one that has passed away at the wedding? It is a touchy subject, as you always want to be discreet enough with it without making a big display, but still honor them in a memorable way. I have had clients do things like wore their grandmother's jewelry, played their parents first dance song at some point during the wedding, or had their mothers' favorite flower incorporated in the bridal bouquet.

I just saw this idea on my photographer friend Sabine Scherer's blog, (btw, she is getting married herself this weekend!), and I thought I would share it as well. The couple had a basket up with them on their bench during the ceremony, and it had photos of their loved ones that were no longer with them. It seems like such a nice way to incoroporate this in a wedding.

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