Friday, April 24

Place Cards - How to Signify Meal Options

I get asked a lot of times, "how do you signify what each person is eating at the reception dinner on their place card?" We have all seen the cow and fish stickers, but sometimes, it's nicer to have it a little less obvious, and also fit in with your color scheme or concept.

An easy one that I have done for clients is simply different colored cards. If you only have two meal options, it's very simple. Say your colors are brown, apple green and cream. You can do cream for the main dish and apple green for the vegetarians, and write the names with a deep chocolate brown ink. If you have more than 2 options, you can always incorporate another color as well.

Another simple way is to punch a tiny hole at the top right or left of the card, and tie a colored ribbon. So taking the same color scheme above, you would then have all cream cards, and leave the dish with the highest number plain (for this we'll say it's fish), tie an apple green for vegetarians and a chocolate brown for the beef option. For both of these options, make sure that the colors are far enough apart so that the catering staff can easily tell the difference.

We have also used really cool stamps from places like Paper Source, tied a simple card from the back of each chair (this is best when done with the different colored cards) or put an adornment of some type on the different cards (this can be pressed flowers, rhinestones or other small objects that can be glued on).

Whatever you do, just make sure you communicate this with your caterer so they are aware of the codes, and your wedding meal will be served smoothly.

Happy Planning!

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Karen said...

Great advice, and may I add a bit more? We prefer the upper LEFT for the entree designations, so it's not hidden behind glassware. Also, make sure that we can see the colors/codes in DIM LIGHT. ;) Thanks for mentioning this! Clarity of the codes can speed dinner service! Thanks,
Karen (Miraglia Catering)