Friday, October 24

A little Friday funny

I am getting ready to enjoy a rare weekend off, and by off, I mean no weddings. I still end up working, whether it's putting together timelines or answering emails at all times, but the thought of spending my Friday night with my family and friends at Gaspare's Pizzeria is bringing a big smile to my face!

I thought I would bring a smile to some of your faces by posting two photos that the wonderful Kerry Rodgers of Kerry Rodgers Photography sent me from our wedding together last weekend at the Hotel Vitale. The great thing about my job is you never know what you will be faced with at any given wedding. The key is being able to roll with the punches, and Kerry actually caught me in this photo trying to snatch a glass of champagne out of one of the groomsmen's hands on his way down the aisle! The best part was he refused to give it up, and when I told him there was no way was he going down with it, he actually took it down like a shot. It was a funny moment, but the couple was spared having a drinking groomsman standing next to them in all their ceremony photos, and they didn't know a thing about it until after the wedding. Another misstep avoided!

And the after shot... laughing it off

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Get out and enjoy this lovely weather we've been having.

As always, happy planning!


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