Wednesday, November 10

Getting Ready for the Holidays

We are so happy that our 2010 went off without a hitch, and sent a lot of happy newlyweds out into the world!  The other news is that we are going to start blogging a little more frequently now that the season has ended and we can post all these amazing images and share some things we learned over the year.

In the midst of wrapping up the season means getting ready to decorate and entertain for the holidays, and I was so excited when I opened my email this morning and saw the lovely trimmings West Elm was offering from event planner David Stark.  These are perfect in a time when we are all trying to reduce our waste, and also make things look elegant.  I'm loving this mantle-scape!

The mosaic bottles, and really mosaic anything, is not only great holiday decor, but is popping up in some of our winter weddings.

If you are entertaining this year, I always love to hear how you plan decorate your table or home!  This is one centerpiece I am hoping to try and re-create this year, since it is very similar to an installation we did at one of our weddings this year.  If you want to try and re-create this with me, you can get the instructions by clicking here: CB2 DIY Hanging Centerpiece.

Whatever you are planning, we hope it is festive and full of joy!

Happy Planning!


mmm...butter said...

Hey Kath! What I love about these arrangements are how simple and elegant they are. Also, these aren't overly religious, which is great! Back in NYC, we used to get glitter covered branches from the flower mongers in the West Village. In hindsight, we could have used a splash of color in there!

Helen said...

Continuing to love everything you do!
As I finish school and get my certification, know that I will turn to you for inspiration.
Thank you for responding to my email, you are the only one that did and my assignment had me contact 4 other planners.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Most Sincerely,

Helen Davidson
Albuquerque, New Mexico